Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Triptii Dimri celebrates her birthday today.
  • Animal's success has changed the course of her career for better.
  • The Bulbbul actress once revealed how Laila Majnu's failure affected her.

Animal actress Triptii Dimri turns a year older today. The current heart crush of India has benefitted immensely from the success of Animal and has bagged some big movies like BB3 and Aashiqui 3 with Kartik Aaryan . But a few years back there was a time when Triptii Dimri was left shocked and disappointed. She had started doubting herself as her self-belief was shaken to the core.

The Film and Television Institute of India, Pune alumni has been an introvert from the start who would worry about what others will think of her. The socially shy actress had high hopes for her movie Laila Majnu and believed that once the film was released she would be welcomed with open arms in the film industry. But that did not happen. Neither did she gain fame nor much work.

And that was quite heart-breaking for Triptii Dimri . Revealing how she dealt with that particular phase, the Qala actress said, “That came as a shock to me because I thought okay Laila Majnu aa gayi now I have arrived. That is what I thought. In my head, it was like Oh my first feature film with Imtiaz Ali and Sajid Ali and I thought it was going to do great.”

“It is such a beautiful story, the best love story I feel. And it was quite disheartening at that time because I thought I wouldn’t have to go and audition now. But that did not change. I did not get a lot of offers I was expecting. So it came as a shock and there was a lot of time. In between Laila Majnu and Bulbbul there is a gap of 2 years”, Triptii added.

Talking about her other personal challenges, Triptti Dimri revealed “Before I came here I was always an introvert. Even talking to my relatives was a big deal for me. That is why I wanted to stay away from them and many times they thought I was rude.” That is why when Triptti told her parents that she wanted to become an actress, they were surprised because an actor has to talk with a lot of people and also express herself in front of the camera. For her, the biggest challenge was being comfortable during auditions while other people looked at her.

Initially, she used to be in a hurry to say her lines during auditions and go away and hence there were no true performances. When it came to meeting people she would freak out and used to write down all the questions they might ask and be ready for them. Triptii said, “With time I have gotten used to this kind of interaction.”