Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Vivek Agnihotri recently revealed that some OTT platforms refused to stream The Kashmir Files.
  • The director said that they did not want the term Islamic terrorism to be included in the film.

The Kashmir Files helmed by Vivek Agnihotri surprised everyone with its super-duper success. But before the movie received such an overwhelming response, the director had to struggle a lot to ensure that it reaches people. Recently, during an interview, The Tashkent Files director opened up about the difficulties he faced right from getting space on media portals and in print media to launching it on OTT platforms.

During his interview, Vivek said that casting for the central roles was highly challenging. According to Vivek, he faced solid casting challenges and a lot of people are quite unaware of the fact that his team faced problems from two sides. Firstly, the media was not ready to give them an inch of space until Monday or Tuesday after its Friday release on 11th March.

Vivek said that the second challenge he faced was that no one was willing to do The Kashmir Files thinking that they might not get any work after they do this movie. Throwing light on the rejection he faced from a few OTT platforms, Vivek said, “Some OTT’s not all said that you cannot use the word Islamic terrorism. These were the major hurdles but truth wins. “

The director also said that they did the research for four years before starting The Kashmir Files and they come in contact with many people. Vivek said, “When people say 'arre Friday ko film aaya aur itne jaldi hit kaise ho gaya. Hit kaise ho gaya? It is not a Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan movie. Or it is not any film of an actor jisko koi janta nahi. So, it is not a miracle that has happened but rather it is a logical process behind that.”

During the interview, it was revealed that a lot of actresses like Taapsee Pannu rejected The Tashkent Files because they did not want to do a movie probably with Vivek Agnihotri. However, this time they rejected it because they did not want to work on anything that is connected with a controversial topic like genocide.