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A purported video of Ollywood actor Prakruti Mishra being harassed by the wife of co-actor Tanmay Mohanty, popularly known as Babushaan Mohanty, has gone viral on social media on Saturday.

In the clip, Babushaan's wife Trupti can be seen heckling and manhandling him. She also roughed up Prakruti by pulling her by hair and trying to push her out of the vehicle.

The actress, who is set to make her Bollywood debut, was heard crying for help from the locals. Later, she can be seen running away from the spot to save her life. 

It is alleged that Babushaan's wife Trupti Satpathy along with some goons stopped the duo while they were on their way to the Bhubaneswar Airport to catch a Chennai-bound flight for their film promotion.

On the other hand, the way the actress was misbehaved and manhandled by some people who had gathered on the spot has not gone well with many. 

As it is seen in the video, a lot of people were capturing the tiff between Babushaan and his wife along with Pakruti Mishra on their mobile phones and making the video viral.

The actress was also seen being chased down by some people present at the spot. Meanwhile, a formal complaint regarding the incident is yet to lodged before the police.

My wife needs to understand nature of my work: Babushaan

In his reaction, Babushaan said, “I and Prakruti Mishra have been invited as guests for Utkal Diwas celebration organised by Utkal Association here in Chennai. I am here to announce a new film and promote another as well in which Prakruti is my co-actor. She is a very good friend of mine and so I had gone to pick her up from airport.

Describing about the incident, Babushaan said, "On way to the airport, suddenly my wife and father-in-law came and attacked us and harassed Prakruti which was totally unacceptable. I have no other complaints because I understand my wife's feelings since she does not belong to film industry, so she has no idea about our work and how we work. I am in complete shock. That's it." 

The actor further explained, "As an actor, I have no other option than to work with several other female co-actors which is natural. My wife needs to understand the nature of my work. People will say many things but I know I am right."

We are just friends: Prakruti Mishra

Meanwhile, Prakruti Mishra has clarified her stand. Talking to OTV, Prakruti said, “It’s a completely unfortunate incident. I was going with my co-star Babushan for making an announcement of a new movie at an Odia association in Chennai. Babushan had come to pick me as we were going to the same place.  Out of nowhere, his wife and his father-in-law along with some goons reached the spot and got into the car. His father-in-law physically abused me. His goons also manhandled me. I was repeatedly asking them to discuss the matter. They were not listening to me. They even manhandled Babushan.”

She further said, “When Babushan’s wife and her father were harassing me, people present there were busy capturing the event in phone without helping me. Even a goon took selfie with me when I was shouting for help. I will take the help of law because I am not responsible for their (Babushan and his wife) personal fight. I was dragged into their family matter. We are just friends. Fans even know our bonding. I am not afraid of anyone. I am always dragged for my bold and straight forward statement. This time, I have to take law’s help to get justice because I am right.”

Terming the incident unfortunate, Odia film critic Dilip Hali said, relation between Babushaan and his wife Trupti has strained for which they have been living separately. However, the way Babushaan’s wife treated Prakruti by manhandling her, abusing her verbally and chasing her on Bhubaneswar streets is really shameful. This should not have happened. 

Babushaan and Prakruti share close friendship. Public perception is that both the actors have something between them. After they shot Premam movie together, they were often seen meeting each other which did not go down well with Babushaan’s wife, Hali added.

Manmath Mishra, father of Prakruti Mishra said, "Lalit Satpathy (father-in-law of Babushaan) and his daughter along with some goons came and attacked the actor and my daughter. Our family could not tolerate such mental, physical harassment and life threats. Entire Odisha knows about me and my manners and this incident was the least I expected. They are cine people and they have to work together but if anyone in a state of delirium thinks it otherwise, then it needs to be probed. I have demanded the police to investigate and bring out the truth apart from ensuring that my family's safety is not at risk."

Briefing the media, Bhubaneswar Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Prateek Singh said “Kharvel Nagar Police has registered a case under Sections 341, 294, 323, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code on basis of a complaint filed by Prakruti Mishra’s mother Krushnapriya Mishra. According to the complaint, the actress was waylaid by henchmen and assaulted when she was on her way to work. We will investigate the matter following which we can comment on the issue.”

Meanwhile, Babushaan’s mother Aparajita Mohanty reached her daughter-in-law’s house and both of them later rushed to Kharavel Nagar police station to lodge a counter FIR. Earlier, Prakruti Mishra's parents had filed a complaint alleging assault on thier daughter by Lalit Satpathy, Trupti's father and local goons.


Trupti might have evidence against Babushaan and Prakruti: Uttam Mohanty

Veteran actor and Babushaan’s father Uttam Mohanty said, "All was not well between Babu and his wife Trupti over last few months. But my son loves her wife very much and vice versa. As he remains absent from home, it’s natural for Trupti to get upset with the former. I must blame certain circumstances for the differences between husband and wife.”

Praising his daughter-in-law, he further said, “My daughter-in-law is a bright student. She remains busy with academic activities. She has no knowledge about the cinema industry. When she sees any romantic scene of Babushaan she gets angry.”

“I would pray to god for a fast solution to the case. If one’s family matter reaches court, it will never end. Trupti might have got evidence against Babushaan and Prakruti for which she did it. My son is a habitual liar. We never wanted our son to enter the film industry.  Both Tiki and I tried our best to sort out the issues between them but went unfruitful.”

Did he call his son after he came to know about the matter? To this, Uttam said “I called him but he did not respond. Babushaan has not come home for last 20 days.”

Did you have discussion with Prakruti’s father on the issue? To this query, Uttam said, “Aparajita had once gone to Manmath Mishra’s house and had discussion with Mishra to sort out the issue. I am, however, not aware of the discussion they had.”