Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Vijay Deverakonda recently opened up about the decision of the Telugu Producers Guild to stop shootings.
  • The Tollywood superstar is hopeful that the shootings will resume in a few days.

The Telugu film industry is currently going through turmoil. Post the Corona pandemic there have been many issues that have been harassing the producers, and theaters owners of Tollywood. That is one reason why the Telugu Producers Guild has put all the shootings on hold from August 1. Vijay Deverakonda, who is currently busy promoting his Bollywood debut movie Liger shared his views on this decision.

According to the Tollywood superstar, the hold is temporary and in a week the shootings will start again. He opined that the producers have decided to stop the shootings just to make sure that everyone associated with the Telugu film industry is on one page when it comes to cost production, remunerations, and related technical aspects.

Vijay added that the Tollywood industry unions have a system and occasionally they do call a strike for some days when someone wants to raise remuneration or change or introduce new things. According to the Dear Comrade actor, all of them wait till the strike is off and when all the things are sorted everyone gets back to work.

Not only the Telugu film industry but the entire Indian film industry was badly affected due to COVID-19. The theaters were closed down for a long period and as a result, many big movies were kept on hold so a huge amount of money was blocked. Those who could not hold on to the release due to financial pressures released the movies on OTT which was again a big loss to both the producers as well as the theater owners.

Importantly, big actors are being paid in crores whereas the theater owners, distributors, and production houses are losing a lot of revenue as the films could not return the invested money in the expected measure. And that has forced the Telugu Producers Guild to take the decision to stop shooting.

For Vijay Deverakonda, the success of Liger will decide a lot of things including whether he should continue doing movies in Bollywood or focus more on Telugu flicks.