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Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal has taken social media by storm with his butter-like-smooth dance moves in the recently released song ‘Tauba Tauba’ from his upcoming movie ‘Bad Newz’. Several celebrities and influencers have joined the trend, posting their videos attempting to imitate the song’s hook steps, further elevating the buzz around the track.

The sparkling video shows Vicky in a black suit over an almost unbuttoned shirt, putting his glistening body on full display. His swag, combined with the butter-like-smooth moves, has been beautifully choreographed by Bosco Martis.

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During an interview with India Today, Bosco shared about the efforts behind making Vicky look this attractive and the creation of the crazy dance moves.

The choreographer expressed his happiness over the song’s popularity but also voiced concerns about choreographers like him getting sidelined in the process. Bosco emphasised the importance of recognising the hard work that choreographers put into making songs like 'Tauba Tauba' go viral.

Bosco stated, "Throughout the internet, most of the attention is diverted towards Vicky dancing in the song. Vicky’s dancing is possible because of a man who made it happen. Don’t get any wrong ideas here. I am happy about the song’s success, but somewhere down the line, I shamelessly want to ensure that choreographers, not just me, are celebrated because they bring in that vibe. Had I not given that vibe and style, I don’t think we would have got this hype. It’s time to celebrate choreographers just like how Madhuri [Dixit] and Saroj ma'am were celebrated."

Bosco, along with his dancing partner Caeser Gonsalvis, has choreographed over 500 Bollywood songs in his 30-year career. He emphasised that he doesn’t just choreograph a song but also puts effort into understanding and creating the perfect mood for it.

Referring to Vicky, he said, "To give you an insight: Vicky has featured in many other songs, like ‘Govinda Naam Mera’. What changed this time? Why is he being glorified in this song? It’s because of how it is directed and how the moves are captured. A lot of thought has been given professionally, even in terms of ways to glorify the actor. Our duty is to keep trying our best and look for reactions."

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While Bosco acknowledged the adulation the song has been receiving, he reiterated his wish for more recognition for choreographers. "I think unanimously, the whole song is being celebrated and there seem to be no odd comments as of now. I just hope that the choreographer is also celebrated as much as the actor," he said.

Bosco explained his process behind making Vicky look as if he's gliding, not dancing. He said the idea was to choose moves that look effortless. "Vicky is very cooperative. He surrenders and listens to what you have to say. He is like clay that you could mould. He has an inherent persona that is really cool and very manly. It is something that is very attractive and eye-catching. With the kind of aura he has, dancing looks excellent on his body. Sometimes, less is more. It was the best thing to give him [Vicky] the coolest moves. In the context of dance, when we say 'less is more', it means you really don’t have to make much of an effort to impress anyone," he explained.

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