Poonam Singh

Urfi Javed continues to push the boundaries of fashion and spark conversations with her unconventional and bold style choices. She has once again taken the internet by storm; this time by donning a dress made of plastic spoons.

The actress shared a video on her social media, showcasing the process of creating the avant-garde outfit, paired with black lingerie and a thigh-covering skirt. With her hair in a high ponytail and flawless makeup, Urfi captioned the post as "Spoonful."

The video provides a behind-the-scenes look as Urfi collaborates with her team to cut, flatten, and colour the plastic spoons, before transitioning to her flaunting the sensual and sexy finished look. 

Urfi's latest creation received mixed reactions from netizens. Some were in awe of her creativity while others playfully dubbed it as "ChamMuch" and humorously referred to her as a "Plastic Ocean Mermaid."

One wrote, "People: This Is Too Much. Urfi: No, this is ChamMuch." Another wrote, "Very nice sexy look." A third user wrote, “Urfi kab kyaa karegi ye pata nahi he bhai.”

Amidst the buzz, Urfi Javed took a jibe at Shibani Dandekar, who clarified that her dress was from the luxury brand Loewe and not inspired by Urfi.

Urfi, in response, called out Shibani for flaunting her wealth in a paid post, stating, "It's your own insecurity when you had to opt for a paid post to clarify that you wore a super expensive brand by a very famous designer inspired by an American superstar and not me. We get it! You're rich, you wear luxury brands! Calm down now! Geesh."