Poonam Singh

Urfi Javed with her unique style choices has become the talk of the town. With an innate sense of flair, she effortlessly blends contemporary trends with her own individualistic touch. 

Renowned for her love of the unconventional, Urfi managed to astonish her followers once again, this time by adorning herself in attire meticulously fashioned from croissant wires. And, if you believed that was as far as her audacity would go, prepare for another surprise, as she returns with yet another daring ensemble, this time inspired by a comb!

Urfi Javed shared a video where she can be seen flaunting her new OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) made of hair combs. 

The video starts with the Urfi combing her sister Asfi’s hair but it seemed she did not like Urfi touching her hair. So, she leaves her and went outside the room. However, Urfi gets an idea of making a dress out of hair combs.

In the next frame, Urfi can be seen wearing a mini dress made of 100s of combs that fits her perfectly. She teamed up her look with a neon pair of heels and tied her hair in a neat bun.

For her glam picks, Urfi opted for dewy makeup, kohl in her eyes, and a dash of lipstick. 

Sharing her new dress on Instagram, she captioned it, “Hair comb dress!”

As soon as the video was uploaded, several users trolled the actress. An internet user wrote, "Aye pagal aurat kange ko to chhod de..." Another wrote, "Iam searching for my comb, so here it is." 

However, many netizens praised her for her creativity and wrote, "Combing through fashion's tangled web." Another commented, “Your looking so amazing.”