Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Fashionista Urfi Javed has a knack for setting the internet ablaze with her weird fashionable attires. While her innovative and odd fashion stokes controversy, her admirers go into a frenzy. However, the trolls and controversy seem to have no effect on Uorfi .

Recently, Urfi hogged the headlines after India’s celebrated author Chetan Bhagat passed lewd comments about her. Uorfi is well known for her outspoken nature in public and many love her for such attitude. She locked horns and targeted Chetan for his comments following which the author was forced to apologise.

Urfi loves to surprise her followers with her fashionable outfits every time and recently she stunned everyone with an outfit in which she had hung several keys. 

Her latest outfit drew the attention of the netizens as the skirt had several keys hanging on it. 

In no time, admirers crowded near Urfi to click selfies with the fashionista. Several excited youths clicked selfies with her and Uorfi interacted with the paparazzi as well as the crowd near her. 

Meanwhile, in another video, Uorfi bumped into one of her fans while he was clicking a photo. 

Reacting immediately to her mistake, Urfi apologised and continued clicking photos. Later, again she accidentally hit another fan and again apologised.

One of the paparazzi asked, “What has happened to you today Urfi ji you are bumping into everyone.”

To this Urfi said, “It is his good luck that I bumped into him.”