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  • Korean projects Squid Game and Hellbound Netflix is all set to offer more Korean projects in 2022.
  • The leading OTT platform wants to cash on the rising popularity of Korean content

Indians love to watch all types of movies, web series, and television serials. And that is why despite the presence of Pushpa: The Rise and Sooryavanshi in the theaters, people still flocked to watch Spiderman: No Way Home. Similarly, many Korean series and movies received an overwhelming response on the OTT platforms in 2021 led by Squid Game and followed by Hellbound which was among the top 10 shows watched in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Keeping this growing interest of Indians and the audience worldwide towards Korean content in mind, Netflix has geared up to release around 20 Korean movies and shows in 2022. Here are the first 5 Korean projects to hit Netflix this year.

All Of Us Are Dead (28th January 2022)

This web series revolves around the students who are trapped inside the school when a zombie virus breaks out. It is a must-watch for the horrific visuals of virus-infected students and the way they fight out the situation.

Twenty Five, Twenty One (12th February 2022)

It is a youthful drama that revolves around five friends their struggles, success, hardships, and love. It mostly focuses on the youths who failed to realise their dreams during the Zeitgeist in 1998.

Forecasting Love and Weather (12th February 2022)

It is about the employees at the Korea Meteorological Administration and demonstrates their struggles, cheerful romances, and accomplishments. It is about an employee Jin Ha-Kyung who has already committed that he will never indulge in an office romance after going through a brutal split however ends up falling for a new girl in his team.

Thirty-Nine (16th February 2022)

This down-to-earth drama about life and romance is all about three friends from high school who are now on the verge of turning 40 years. But when these BFFs are all 39, something happens in their lives that forces them to turn back and say good-bye to each other.

Juvenile Justice

Netflix is yet to unveil the release date of this drama which is a story of a judge who has a strong dislike for juvenile criminals but later on realises how society is trying everything possible to make the earth a better place for them.

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