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News Highlights

  • Tina Datta recently opened up about her on-and-off relationship with Shalin Bhanot inside the house.
  • The telly actress called Shalin a manipulator and aggressive person.

Tina Datta, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss 16 house recently, opened up about her stint inside the house and some interesting things about Shalin Bhanot with whom she had an on-and-off relationship in the house.

Talking about her journey inside the Bigg Boss house Tina said that it was a roller coaster ride with good and bad days and some ugly days as well. There were a lot of ups and downs but Tina said she lived every moment and hence enjoyed her stay. The Uttaran fame actress said that her fans were disappointed because she was evicted early but they have always loved her and stayed loyal to her.

The telly actress also shared her views with DNA on the blame game and her dirty fights with Shalin Bhanot inside the house. Tina and Shalin initially started as friends in Bigg Boss 16 but later on, their relationship became cordial and soon it turned into hatred as their dirty fights increased. Opening up about the same, Tina said that she got acquainted with Shalin after coming to the Bigg Boss house and she never knew him before.

According to Tina, after you spend a lot of time together you slowly come to know the true nature of a person and as she got to know him more she found out that Shalin is an aggressive person and a manipulator. His extreme aggressiveness bothered Tina a lot since Shanlin also has a history of being aggressive in his earlier relationships.

However, Tina came to know about this history after coming out of the house. While inside the house the actress said that there were times when Shalin used to charge at her, throw and break things. That is why over a period of time Tina realized that she cannot be with him, even as a friend, and hence decided to move on.

Addressing the speculations that these allegations of Tina against Shalin are fake, the actress said that if she was fake, she could have dragged the fake relationship further and now would have been closer to the trophy.