Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Breaking the stereotypes and scripting history, India clinched two Oscars this year . While SS Rajamouli helmed RRR’s Naatu Naatu song got the Academic Award under the original song category, The Elephant Whisperers won Oscar Award for Best Documentary Short Film. It was indeed a proud moment for the Indians when the filmmakers brought two Oscars to their homeland.

The benchmarks and journey of RRR and Naatu Naatu is well known to movie lovers across the globe. And now, movie buffs across the globe are keen to explore more about The Elephant Whisperers. As per the latest reports, Google searches for 'The Elephant Whisperers' skyrocketed 8,164% after Oscar win. 

After watching the Oscar-winning documentary short film, the audience certainly got overwhelmed. It is evident from the social media posts praising the real heroes, the real elephant whisperers- Bomman and Bellie, for their dedication towards caring for and fostering orphaned or abandoned baby elephants. 

Well, apart from social media and certain other events, Bomman and Bellie received grand applause and were honoured by their co-passengers while they were onboard a flight. 

The video shared by a co-passenger has taken the internet by storm. 

As seen in the viral video, the captain of an IndiGo flight addresses the onboard passengers, and says, “Some of you might know, some might not know, the award for best documentary Oscars was given to a documentary called The Elephant Whisperers. And, we have the main team of the documentary onboard with us. So a huge round of applause for the team.”

While all other onboard passengers cheered and clapped for the real elephant whisperers, the captain asked both Bomman and Bellie, “Please stand up and let everybody see how lucky we are to have you onboard.”

Bomman and Bellie stood up with folded hands expressing their gratitude. Their co-passengers again applauded the couple. Even most of the passengers took out their mobile phones and turned on their cameras to capture the incredible moment with the Oscar-winning team. 

The captain further continued, “Ok, ladies and gentlemen, what we need to know is that all the movies and everything that we see are these actors, but, they are not actors. They are real people, who have played the role in the movie.”

Once again everyone cheered for the couple and Bomman and Bellie settled on their seats.

Though the original source of the video couldn’t be obtained, it is shared on Twitter by Supriya Sahu IAS. The video has been viewed over 125K times and the comment box is flooded with appreciation.