• Saturday, September 30, 2023
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The Kerala Story tries to reveal truth about Love Jihad; faces strong opposition

The Kerala Story's trailer is out and shows how four girls were brainwashed to become Muslims and join the ISIS organization.

Sangati Jogwar
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The Kerala StoryPhotoPhoto: Twitter/Vipul Shah

The Kerala Story

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News Highlights

  • The Kerala Story will hit theaters in Kerala and other parts on 5th May.
  • The trailer has created a lot of uproar among a few political parties.

The Kerala Story, produced by Vipul Shah and directed by Sudipto Sen, is slated to release in Kerala and other parts on 5th May. The story revolves around four women who get converted to Islam and join ISIS for Jihad. In The Kerala Story, it is shown that 32,000 Hindu and Christian women in the state were turned into Muslims and got recruited into terrorist outfits. Adah Sharma and Aashin A Shah are the lead actors in this movie.

As claimed, it is based on the true events that occurred in Kerala where both Hindu and Christian girls were purposely trapped in Love Jihad by Islamic groups and then deported to Iraq and Syria.

Here the girls were trained at the ISIS organisations so that they can become terrorists. It has triggered a huge uproar in Kerala and now several political parties along with a few leaders demanding stoppage of its release.

These leaders are of the opinion that the movie insults the culture of Kerala and supports communal polarization. However, now that the trailer is out, the demands to ban this movie are getting more aggressive.

The Kerala Story is based on reality

The trailer starts with the caption that the movie is based on true events leaving no doubt in the minds of the audience that what is being shown is based on reality. It shows how a well-planned approach is developed to break the faith of these girls in their gods and religion and brainwashed them into believing that Islam is the only religion for them.

These girls are then made to believe completely different ideologies and are isolated from their families, introduced to Muslim boys, and circumstances are created such that the girls fall in love with them and willingly do whatever they are made to do. It was when they finally reach the terrorist station that they realize how they were brainwashed into becoming Muslims.

Is trapping Hindu girls a culture?

The Shraddha Walker case attracted national attention after the way she was brutally killed by her Muslim boyfriend. A statement given by a retired DGP from Jharkhand, Nirmal Kaur at that time on national television can be a big eye-opener in this regard.

She said that Muslim men have been trying to trap Hindu girls deliberately and their community supports them legally and financially for this purpose.

During the online debate, Kaur gave several examples of how such activities are carried out in groups. Coming from such an experienced police officer there is no doubt that there are people who are carrying out such activities and one wonders whether trapping Hindu girls through Love Jihad has now become a culture.

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