Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The real victims from The Kerala Story came in front of the live audience for the first time recently.
  • Adah Sharma appreciated their courage to face people knowing that the girls will be asked personal questions.

The Kerala Story led by Adah Sharma is running in packed houses and surprised everyone by crossing the Rs 150 crore mark. Based on the real story of the radicalization and conversion of Hindu girls into Islam, the movie has been surrounded by controversy even before its release.

While there has been a lot of discussion about whether the story is really true or fiction, the real victims who were brainwashed and converted into Islam and later on were forced to join ISIS in Afghanistan and Syria for the first time came out in the open in front of the live audience a day ago in Akola.

Adah Sharma, who says she has literally lived the life of these girls to make her character look real on the screen, appreciated the guts and courage of these girls who despite knowing that they will be questioned and brutally slammed for being incorrect dared to come out in the open.

During the interaction open for the audience and the press, Adah Sharma slammed people who asked the proof that these girls were raped. The actress said that how can one give proof that a girl was raped continuously for 15 days by multiple people as it is very difficult. She even asked those who are against the movie how to register a case against someone who has cheated them in love.

Adah said 'when I am asked questions regarding the story and the incidents that took place with them I am unable to explain. And for these girls to sit in front of everyone when others are discussing rape that happened with them, knowing that they will be judged and asked personal questions needs a lot of courage'.

Adah appreciated the fact that the girls came for the live audience even after knowing that they can be asked any questions and added that she is fortunate to have been a part of a movie like The Kerala Story.