Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Vivek Agnihotri revealed during a press conference how The Kashmir Files made an impact in the US.
  • The filmmaker was given a congressional reception in Washington DC.

The Kashmir Files helmed by Vivek Agnihotri has slowly picked up at the box office by word of mouth and trends on social media. 

Despite the fact that it was not promoted aggressively in India by any leading entertainment platform or even endorsed by leading Bollywood critics, audience thronged theatres solely on the basis of the promotions it received on social media.

And, the movie certainly deserves to be watched not only because it has received some overwhelming response from the international community but also because it has unfolded the truth the world had never heard or seen of. 

While discussing the publicity of movies in Bollywood during a press conference, Vivek said that movies reach the audience either organically or through hyped promotions. He said that many a times, some movies are hyped so strongly that people anyhow decide to be a part of it as an event and even the media decides that it is going to be very big. But according to Vivek, The Kashmir Files is a movie that has ground-level content and hence, it cannot be hyped. 

Moreover, there is no muscle or mechanism working for the movie that can give it a big hype.

He added that his team does not have much budget to market the movie at a higher level and that is why it will be released on fewer screens and if by God’s grace the movie clicks, the screens will automatically increase later on. 

Vivek narrated an incident about the release of The Kashmir Files in America. Since due to the Corona pandemic theatres were closed in India but open in the US, he decided to release in the US first and it was unbelievable that 36 organisations supported the movie and this was for the first time that something like this happened with any movie.

And, these organisations supported the movie and it was a big hit in 16 cities of America where theatres were jam-packed despite the fact that no Indian media or any big organisation ever promoted it. 

One of the biggest feats for Vivek Agnihotri and his spouse Pallavi Joshi, who is also a lead star in the movie, was that for the first time any filmmaker has received Congressional reception in Washington DC.

He said that printing or showing the complete map of Kashmir in the US is not allowed. But after watching this movie, people in America collected money and put posters of The Kashmir Files on 26th January this year on outdoor advertising panels where earlier Pakistanis had pasted Free Kashmir posters.