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  • Kapil recently unveiled the look of a new set for the upcoming season of The Kapil Sharma Show.
  • Archana Puran Singh promised a lot of nayapan and surprises for the audience but the old josh and laughter.

The Kapil Sharma Show will soon return on Sony Television. A few days ago Kapil shared that Akshay Kumar will be the first guest this season who will come on the famous comedy show to promote his upcoming flick Bell Bottom. The famous comedian also shared a few comic stills from the episode taking a jibe at Akshay Paji. 

A day ago Kapil shared the new look of The Kapil Sharma Show’s set on Instagram and asked his followers whether it is good or not. Prompt came the replies from his fans who commented that they loved the new set. While some called it beautiful, a few others said that it was the best ever set. A close pal of Kappu, Rajiv Thakur who has featured on the show a few times before shared one of the best comments for this new set.

Rajiv called it Bank of Bagoda and Hotel Chill palace giving it 10 stars. He also wished Kapil and his team all the best. The set indeed has a vintage and attractive look but fans are eager to know more about the new season and the changes that have been promised with new talents.

Throwing light on the same the permanent guest of The Kapil Sharma Show, Archana Puran Singh shared her views a few days ago when she joined the performers on the first day of the shoot of this season. The Mohabattein actress said that she is giving a quick update on the show and is very much excited to start the new season. Archana further said there is going to be a lot of 'nayapan' and surprises for the audience but the dose of josh, entertainment, and laughter will be the same. According to her, the team is supercharged, positive, and very enthusiastic.

This statement from Archana Puran Singh has further triggered the curiosity of the fans of The Kapil Sharma Show who now want to know what this new surprise will be.

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