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Sangati Jogwar

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  • A request for FIR against The Kapil Sharma Show has been put forth by a lawyer in the Shivpuri court.
  • The plea alleges that the show insulted the court by showing actors drinking alcohol in the courtroom.

The Kapil Sharma Show is back with a bang. The popular comedy show on Sony Television made a grand entry last month after a long break and in a very short time, it has become the most-watched show on Indian television dismantling the monopoly enjoyed by Anupamaa until now. While the show continues to have the same jibes and jokes and dialogues laced with double meanings, there have been a few changes that have appealed to the audience like the comments of fans on social media, a new character by Kiku Sharda and more.

But, now it seems that The Kapil Sharma Show might face some legal issues. According to a press report, a lawyer has asked the court to file an FIR against this hit comedy show for showing the courtroom in a bad light. A lawyer in Shivpuri town has requested the court to file an FIR against the show because, in one of the episodes that aired last year, the actors were shown drinking alcohol even though it is written on the alcohol bottle that drinking it is injurious to health.

The plea from the lawyer further says that the show makes vulgar comments on girls and in one of the episodes the actors were shown drinking in the courtroom and this is an insult to the court. Whether this legal notice will create problems for The Kapil Sharma Show cannot be said as of now, but currently, it is enjoying a good response from the audience.

The upcoming week will see cricketing stars Virendra Sehwag and Mohammed Kaif as guests on the couch of the comedy show. The promos are already out and reveal how Kapil tried to pull the legs of these famous cricketers and triggered laughter on the show.

Virendra Sehwag in particular is known for his presence of mind and it would be interesting to see the battle of timing between Viru and Kapil.

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