Mrunal Manmay Dash

Writer-Director Sandhya Gokhale, who joined the panel discussion on the rise of regional cinema on the second day of Tarang Cine Production’s two-day conclave- Tarang Cine Flix held in Bhubaneswar on Sunday, said that there is absolutely no problem with using filthy language in movies.

She was speaking alongside her husband Amol Palekar in the session which was moderated by OTV Managing Director (MD) Jagi Mangat Panda.

When asked by Panda whether filthy language is being forced into the OTT contents and if its unabated use even when it is not required on OTT is justified, Gokhale said, “Requirement of vulgarity or filthy language is very subjective. Maybe the way we are raised or the age we are in, is making us think that it is not required. But as far as the youths are concerned, it is very cool for them.”

“If you want to use filthy language or smoke cigarettes for that matter, you are welcome. There is nothing morally wrong in that except for your health. But being pretentious is wrong. If a theme requires vulgar language, so be it. I would rather prefer if somebody comes up with a very original vulgarity than using the same lingo over and over again,” Gokhale added,

“I have seen hardcore Odia vulgarity in street fights. For me, it is excellent than being adoptive of some other culture,” she added.

It is necessary that the storytelling is done in an appropriate manner and as per the demand of the theme.

Citing the example of her critically acclaimed Marathi film 'Dhoosar', Gokhale said, “As far as Dhoosar is concerned, the protagonist expresses in poems and poetry as she is a classical singer. So we have used that kind of music.”

“Similarly in the movie Paheli, I thought songs and dance are the ethos of Rajasthani culture. So we used it in the movie to get that cultural nuance. So what element we use in order to enhance the storytelling is where our maturity as filmmakers comes from. There are some other films too where we did not use any songs or music only because the plot did not warrant so,” she added.