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A leaked wedding video on Reddit has given a first glimpse of actress Taapsee Pannu and her longtime boyfriend Mathias Boe's recent nuptials in Udaipur.

In the captivating clip, Taapsee makes a stunning bridal entry adorned in traditional red attire, complemented by her red chooda, golden kaleeras, and chic black sunglasses.

Accompanied by her bridesmaids under a decorative chadar, Taapsee sways to the rhythmic beats of Punjabi tunes, setting a joyful tone for the ceremony. As she gracefully joins Mathias on stage, the couple shares a heartwarming hug, marking the beginning of their jaimala ceremony, while being showered with rose petals.

In perfect sync with the celebratory atmosphere, Taapsee and Mathias groove to the lively Punjabi melody, exuding sheer happiness and love. The video concludes with a delightful shot of Mathias seated on a flower-adorned cycle, adding a touch of whimsy to the festive occasion.

Taapse Pannu Wedding Video
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Despite the absence of official confirmation from the couple, the leaked video has quickly garnered the attention of netizens.

One user commented, “When was this ? Seeing a red bridal outfit after ages.. such a cute look on her. They've been together for a decade I think..” (SIC)

Another wrote, “Chalo atleast a new look. And in red.” A third user commented, “Happy for both of them. It's rare that relationship lasts this long...” (SIC)