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Actor Suniel Shetty is a well known face in today’s time. The 90s macho man is not just an actor, but also a successful businessman. However, his journey to stardom wasn’t as simple as it sounds. There was a time when the ‘Mohra’ actor’s father cleaned tables in a restaurant.

He also worked as a waiter and later became a restaurant manager. His father ran away from home in Mangalore when he was just nine years old and struggled in Mumbai for years from wiping tables to working as a waiter.

In an interview, Suniel recently revealed that he has bought all the three buildings where his father worked. It was an ode of respect for his father from him, Suniel said.

Chatting with popular Comedian Bharti Singh and her husband, Suniel recalled, “My dad ran away and came to Mumbai as a child. He didn’t have a father, but he had three sisters. He found work in a South Indian restaurant at age nine, because that’s the thing about our community, we support each other.”

“His first job was cleaning tables. He was so little, he would have to make four rounds of the table just to clean all sides. He would sleep in a sack meant for rice,” Suniel added.

“His boss bought three buildings and dad was eventually asked to manage them. When the boss retired, my dad bought all three buildings. Today, I still have all three buildings. And that’s where our journey began,” Suniel Shetty said in the context of his dad’s achievement, he hasn’t done anything.

The action star, who has been away from movies, is reportedly returning to the big screen with Hera Pheri 3 and Welcome 3. He is now the father of two beautiful kids – Athiya Shetty and Ahaan Shetty.

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