Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Fans, the entertainment industry, close friends and family members of Sidharth Shukla are still mourning the untimely demise of TV actor and Bigg Boss fame. 

Former Bigg Boss contestant Shehnaaz Gill, who was in an open relationship with Shukla was left broken after the shocking incident on September 2. It will be 2 months soon to that fateful day when Shukla left everyone in grief, but apart from the actor's family, it was Gill who suffered the biggest lost in his demise. 

Now trying to reclaim her life back, Gill has stepped out for bread and butter and resumed her work for Honsla Rakh also starring Diljit Dosanjh. 

As earlier said by Gill during an interview, the void of Sidharth’s absence is all too large for her. Recently, while dedicating it to the late actor, she announced a new song 'Tu yaheen hai' which was released on October 29.

She captioned her post: "Tu mera hai aur (You are mine and)… @realsidharthshukla #Sidharthshukla," along with a poster of the song.


Though the netizens showered love for the actress after the announcement, but it didn't go well with many after she shared the clips on her social media handle.

The video showed a broken Shehnaaz remembering Sidharth which also included several memorable instances from the sets of Bigg Boss. 

The first glimpse of the music video garnered over 10 million views, while the extended version of the video garnered over a million hearts.

But, this didn't go well with many of her haters or fans of Sidharth. Soon, "STOP USING SIDHARTH SHUKLA" started trending on Twitter. 

A fan wrote: "A musical tribute was all fine with me until they used his body double! I just lost it all then. And then such beautiful promotions in the name of tribute, made it even worse. Earning and promoting self in his name isnt a tribute! STOP USING SIDHARTH SHUKLA"

While another wrote: "Milking money in the name of tribute is not good ! Can’t deal with this fake people and fake tributes ..I wish Sid was with us today. STOP USING SIDHARTH SHUKLA "

"Yes everyone has different ways of processing and expressing grief but I can never understand making it all about yourself and calling it a tribute to someone you claim to be close to! Not Acceptable! STOP USING SIDHARTH SHUKLA," said another.

Sidharth’s fans seem quite unhappy with the tribute from Shehnaaz. A fan page of Sidharth posted: "Here we are still mourning this unfortunate event n people who claim to be his close friends are selling emotions on the name of a Tribute. Asking us to make REELS on someone's death, counting views n likes! How low will they stoop? Stop the mockery! STOP USING SIDHARTH SHUKLA"