Vikash Sharma

Life has taken a completely new turn for Anu, the female lead of popular show on Star Plus, Anupamaa. After facing humiliation for over 25 years with her ex-husband Vanraj, Anu is has now started to aim big and fulfil her dreams.

All this is happening in the life of Anu, played by Rupali Ganguly, only because of her business partner- Anuj Kapadia. Both Anu and Anuj are college mates and the latter has some soft-corner for her. Fans also love the chemistry between Anu and Anuj after the latter’s entry on the show.

Recently, Anu’s childhood dream of travelling in an aeroplane was fulfilled when she embarked on a business trip with Anuj.

Anu’s decision to travel along with Anuj had not gone down well with others, especially Vanraj and his mother. Despite all odds, Anu firmly stood by her decision in travelling with Anuj to Mumbai, her city of dreams.

From the promos, fans have got clues regarding the upcoming twists on the show as Vanraj and his wife Kavya too have reached Mumbai.

Apart from travelling in plane, Anu always longed to take a stroll on sea beach. Thanks to Anuj, Anu’s dream is also going to be fulfilled. However, Anu teaches a lesson to few youths who try to rob her.

In the absence of Anu, Samar and Nandini ‘s relationship is also going through a rough patch. Nandini’s ex-lover Rohan has started to harass the couple by sending her cosy pictures to Samar. This has left Nandini worried about her future if other members in Samar’s family came across the pictures with her ex-boyfriend. The fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming twists and turns on the show.