Cassian Baliarsingh

The dashing Vivek Oberoi, who was one of the most sought after actors in the film industry during his prime time, has finally opened up on his personal life. The talented actor, who had established himself in the industry with films like Saathiya, Dum, Yuva, Road, Omkara, Rakhta Charitra 2, witnessed downfall in his career due to various reasons. 

Now, the handsome hunk has finally opened up on battling depression and being surrounded by dismal and pessimistic thoughts at one time in his career. After a brief lull, the actor made his ‘damdar’ comeback with movies like Krrish 3 and Grand Masti.

He once again acclaimed his stardom and appears in movies across all the film industry including the South. He has become one of the most sought after actors once again. He has attributed his success to his family, his wife Prianka Alva and his little children.

Recalling his dark days, Oberoi stated that he could empathize to Sushant Singh Rajput's passing since he had at one time contemplated about ending things. 

Speaking to Bollywood Bubble, Oberoi said, “This place can be cruel, brutal, trying to crush you. The little prayers they make for me every now and then, that’s what kept it together for me. I just lost it otherwise. I am just constantly so upset with the negativity around me and maybe that was the agenda. The agenda is sometimes to break you mentally. But I think Priyanka had a big role in creating a haven for me now.” 

He then added, “Which is why I relate to what happened with Sushant or what happens with other people. I felt that darkness and pain. This place can be pretty cruel. They can be brutal with trying to crush you and when lies are spoken so many times, so loudly and so many times, they become the truth. They force you to start believing that’s the truth about you but in hindsight with a lot of calmness, strength, and inner happiness, you realise that your truth is your truth and no one can take that away from you but you.” 

On the professional front, Vivek’s online series Dharavi Bank, which is currently streaming on MX Player, has been receiving positive reviews.