Cassian Baliarsingh

Filmmaker Apurva Asrani was recently in the news for his support for global sensation Priyanka Chopra after the latter made startling revelations of being cornered in Bollywood. Asrani came out in support of Priyanka and said that she was indeed cornered in Bollywood. But not only Priyanka Chopra, many other actors reportedly faced similar treatment.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Apurva Asrani said, “If they are outspoken, refuse to be disrespected, and demean themselves by agreeing to the regressive ideas, they are pushed into a corner.”

He recalled Sushant Singh Rajput being falsely accused in #MeToo by a journalist after he had a fallout with a big producer. Speaking about Sushant, Asrani said, “When I called out that journalist publicly, the trend of blind items entirely stopped, but I was blacklisted by other journalists.”

“My last web series was not reviewed by any of the critics. It went on to become a big hit, but none of them carried the story. The irony is that the blind item journalist now has a high-paying job in the very same production house that Sushant had beef with,” he said. 

Asrani also opened up on how Sushant was targeted by influential people.

“Director Abhishek Kapoor has used a very apt term to describe what was done to Sushant. He called it a systematic dismantling of a fragile mind. It’s where they use the entire system to slowly ignore you, and isolate you,” he said. 

“Sushant was snubbed at awards, his last film may have done a whopping Rs 100 crores, but it was projected as a flop. He spoke intelligently, but they portrayed his words like he had mental issues,” he added.

“He was harangued right till the end and the worst part is, we could hardly see the truth. It was made to look like he had plum projects, but had an attitude problem,” the filmmaker said.

For the uninitiated, filmmaker Asrani is known for his work in Satya, Shahid, and City Lights. He has also written Aligarh, the hit drama starring Manoj Bajpayee. He has won the National Film Award for Best Editing in 2001 for the movie Snip.