Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Shahid Kapoor in his recent interview has indirectly targeted Akshay Kumar for doing multiple movies at a time.
  • Sasha has said, "Mein mucche chipkake acting nahi kar sakta."

Shahid Kapoor seems to be on the fire right now. After taking an indirect jibe at Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone Sasha has once again indirectly taken a dig at none other than superstar Akshay Kumar. Undoubtedly, currently, the movies of Akki are not doing good business but he has delivered some massive hits in the past and has a cult following.

But it is a proven fact that when things are not going right every mistake of yours is counted. Akshay Kumar is known to do multiple movies a year. More often he completes a film in a month and by the time another one is on the release, he has already moved on to his next one. Akshay has been criticised many times for this approach. While most of the big stars like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and even Ranbir Kapoor stick to doing only a couple of movies at a time, Akshay has been unstoppable with 5 to 6 releases hitting the theaters every year.

When asked why Shahid Kapoor does only a few movies a year the Kabir Singh actor said that he wants to do more movies but he is not the type of actor who can play a character just by shaving or changing his hairstyle. During his interview, the Farzi actor said, “I am trying to do as many movies as I can but mera kya hai na mein mooche chipkake acting nahi karta. Yahan pe mooche chipka li, wahan pe shave kar liya, do din ki dadhi ugake tisri picture kar li. Muzhe waise wali acting samaz mein hi nahi aati. I like to do one film at a time."

Now as is known during the making of the movie Prithviraj Chavan, YRF wanted Akshay Kumar to grow a moustache so that he looks real as the last Hindu ruler of Hindustan. It was a historic character and in those days it was common for Rajas and Maharajas to have mustache and beard. But Akshay refused to grow a mustache.

When the movie flopped badly, YRF owner Aditya Chopra was enraged and openly blamed Akshay Kumar for the debacle. Usually, Aditya Chopra never speaks whenever his movie becomes a hit or is a flop. But this time he severely slammed Khiladi Kumar saying, “The film required a dedicated concentration. He wouldn’t even grow a real moustache, as he was doing other projects simultaneously. When playing someone so historically important, why couldn’t he have done just this one project, and given his best to it?”.

It was a big-budget film and YRF lost hugely. And that is why it seems now Shahid Kapoor is also indirectly targeting Akshay Kumar for his approach towards acting.