Poonam Singh

Sara Tendulkar has captivated the internet with her mesmerizing Women's Day photos, embodying both elegance and empowerment.

The radiant glow on her face is unmistakable, and fans are in awe of her stunning beauty, making her latest pictures an instant hit on the internet.

In the snapshots, Sara not only showcases her breathtaking appearance but also sends a powerful message, affirming the essence of womanhood. 

Sharing the stunning picture, Sara wrote, “How I love being a woman🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 Happy Women’s Day!” (SIC)

The floral-themed outfit she adorns reflects her style prowess leaving fans in awe of her fashionable choices.

Beyond her fashion prowess, Sara's radiant skin with minimal make-up established her as a trendsetter for Gen Z. 

For her makeup, she opted for flawless matte base, pink lips, and high-lighted cheeks leaving her admirers in awe of her enviable complexion.

 The internet is buzzing with admiration just moments after the release of her captivating photos.

One admirer commented on her beauty, stating, “Beautiful girl”. “A second user commented SARA, you QUEEN! Happy Women’s Day. Be the Queen that you are, we keep learning from you!” while another linked the photos to Subhman’s century at 5th Test  and wrote, " Bhai ka century ka tohpha hai." (SIC)

Notably, Sara is rumoured to be dating cricketer Shubman Gill.

Reportedly, the rumours regarding their alleged relationship first emerged in 2020 when Sara posted Instagram stories related to Shubman during his tenure with the Kolkata Knight Riders. Their interactions on social media have also drawn the attention of fans, as they exchanged comments on each other's posts.