Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Salman Khan recently turned 58 years old but remains a bachelor to date. However, his love life has remained the talk of the town. Reportedly, Salman has dated several girls and remained in a serious relationship with the latest being Iluia Vantur. 

Fans are well aware that Bollywood’s Bhaijaan was reportedly in a serious relationship with Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, Aishwarya Rai, and Katrina Kaif. But, very few know that Salman’s first girlfriend was a lady named Shaheen. Sangeeta became his second girlfriend and their relationship was in an advanced stage. Even their marriage cards were printed. However, with the entry of Somy, Sangeeta parted ways.

While everyone is aware of Salman’s love story with the BTown divas, the least is known about his first GF. 

Did you know his first GF is a close relative of a Bollywood actress?

Actress Kiara Advani has cemented her place in the hearts of movie lovers with her impressive acting onscreen. Kiara made her debut in 2014 with Fugly, which was a disaster. But, now she is almost every director’s first choice.

Earlier, during an interview, Kiara revealed that Salman Khan and her mother Genevieve Advani were childhood friends. They grew up together and were quite close to each other. During those days, Salman used to tell Kiara’s mother that he would become a star one day. 

Further, Kiara said that both of them have been friends for the longest time and went cycling together. And, it was her mother who introduced Salman to her aunt Shaheen.

Salman and Shaheen dated for a long time before he became an actor. However, they reportedly parted ways after Salman grew close to Sangeeta Bijlani.

Salman insisted Kiara to change her name before Bollywood debut

Furthermore, the Kabir Singh actress revealed that it was Salman who insisted on changing her name before making her Bollywood debut.

Fans are well aware that Kiara changed her name from Alia Advani. The Dabangg actor suggested Kiara change her name and pick her screen name as her real name would clash with existing actress Alia Bhatt and there cannot be two actresses with the same name.

The Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 actress picked her name from Priyanka Chopra’s onscreen character name Anjaana Anjaani and is now popular as Kiara Advani.