Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Makers of RRR have decided to submit entries in all categories independently for Oscars 2022.
  • Here's why this decision is one of the best!

The makers of RRR have decided to submit the movie for nominations in various categories independently to compete with the world cinema. While the SS Rajamouli-helmed flick has not been selected as the official movie for the Oscars from India, the makers and even the audience are very much sure that RRR is the movie that can give intense competition to the global cinema and have the potential to win big at this year’s Academy Awards.

The makers have submitted their entries for RRR in all the categories, including Best Motion Picture (D.V.V. Danayya), Best Actor ( Jr NTR and Ram Charan), Best Supporting Actor (Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt), and many others.

In its 19th week, RRR continues to be the most watched movie on Netflix

Many movies have been released since RRR hit the global theaters on March 24, 2022. Despite the huge anticipation for KGF 2, RRR managed to bounce back in the rating.

It's wild screening across the US and China has helped it stay in the top 10 consistently more than 6 months from its release which is highly creditable. It continues to dominate the Netflix ratings, confirming that RRR is an all-time hit.

This reason is good enough for RRR to get a nomination at the Oscars this year.

Country’s Best Output

Every year the FFI (Film Federation of India) sends the best movie from the country to the Oscars. And this year, it has chosen Pan Nalin-directed Chhello Show for Academy Awards 2022. But this announcement has not gone down well with many film critics and millions of audiences who have watched RRR multiple times.

The critics argue that if the best output from the country has to be sent to the esteemed awards, there was no better choice than RRR.

Hurtado, a film critic running RRR’s Oscar campaign in the US has said that be it the actors, direction, VFX, music score, or the story, no other movie commercial or offbeat has come closer to what RRR has managed to offer. Hollywood filmmaker Adam McKay has also supported this claim and said that no other Indian movie had received so much recognition and fame in America in the last 20 years as RRR.

So, SS Rajamouli's RRR can be picked as one of the rightful contenders for the Oscars 2022.