Cassian Baliarsingh

When everyone’s favourite Munia Panigrahi starred in a YouTube video with Roshan Panda, little would she have fathomed in her wildest dream that she’d be walking down the aisle with him one day. 

The beautiful couple tied the knot in a traditional ceremony attended by family, relatives and close friends at Kantabanji, Bolangir district. Fans couldn’t take their eyes off both Munia and Roshan as they both looked elegant in their wedding attires.

Both well-known faces in Western Odisha, both Muni and Roshan seemed to be on the top of the world for all the love they received on their big day. They thanked their fans for all the best wishes and making their D-day special. 

For the uninitiated, the couple has a YouTube channel together where they upload all types of content ranging from entertainment, dance to funny videos. Over the few years, they have successfully garnered a massive fan following and earn in lakhs through their YouTube videos.

The couple was initially friends and had appeared in a couple of music videos together. However, their friendship blossomed into love after Roshan left for Mumbai to pursue his dreams for acting. It was during his stay in Mumbai, the couple realized they were in couple.

Speaking to OTV, Roshan said, “I have been into drama and acting since childhood. My passion for action grew after I joined college in Bolangir. I have attained all the love and fame because of my passion. So, I thank all my viewers for making me the person I’m today.”

“Our audience has a bigger hand in our wedding. Most of the time, they write that they love our Jodi and wanted to see us married’ in the comments section. And now that has turned into a reality,” Roshan added. 

(Reported by Antim Panigrahi, OTV)