Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Rashmika Mandanna's Srivalli will be alive in Pushpa: The Rule.
  • Producer of Pushpa 2, Ravi Shankar recently confirmed it during an interview.

The massive success of Pushpa: The Rise has enhanced the expectations from its sequel Pushpa: The Rule. The makers are yet to come out with the storyline. But the speculations related to the same have already started making rounds. From the movie having a high-octane action climax to the death of Rashmika Mandanna’s Srivalli- a riot of speculations is currently going around the internet.

However, all such gossip and rumours were recently put to rest by the movie’s producer Y Ravi Shankar who said that all such rumors were all nonsense and false. The producer said that they are yet to hear the complete story and hence, no one knows anything about it. When asked whether Srivalli will be alive in the second installment of the Pushpa franchise Ravi Shankar said that surely she will be alive.

While the news about Srivalli’s death during the climax of Pushpa: The Rule has been squashed, new speculation is now making rounds on the web. According to the latest rumour churned out by the gossip mills, Sukumar is also planning the third installment of the Pushpa franchise and that is why the story of Pushpa: The Rule will end in such a way that it will have the potential for yet another plot to be revealed in the third movie.

Yet again, there is no confirmation from the producer, leading stars, or the director regarding these speculations. However, one thing is sure similar to KGF, Pushpa has also become a big franchise and if the sequel also becomes a big blockbuster, there is a strong possibility that the makers might think of rolling out the third movie from this franchise.

Undoubtedly, the movie has brought Southern flicks on the pan India map but it has also made Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, and even Samantha national stars, and the trio now enjoys a good following among Bollywood lovers.