Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Three-day-long Raja festival concludes today. The festival that originates from Odisha is more popular as a festival to honour womanhood. Girls and women across Odisha celebrate this festival with much fervour. This year too, people across Odisha were quite excited to celebrate the festival in a grand way as a community celebration after a break of 2 years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

While the community celebration was observed across the State, fans went gaga over Rocking Star Yash's wife Radhika Pandit's Instagram post. 

KGF Chapter 2 became a huge success in Odisha and it went on to become the highest-grossing flick ever in the State. The craze for Yash was also evident from different posts on social media posts. 

Fans are well aware that Yash being a family man, loves spending time with his wife Radhika Pandit and kids, daughter Ayra and son Yathrav. Though Yash avoids sharing on social media, his wife Radhika is a social butterfly who keeps posting pictures and videos on her Instagram to keep everyone updated.

On Thursday, Radhika shared a bunch of pictures on her Instagram. 

The caption read, "Makkala darbar.. Bacha party."

Radhika is seen with her kids Ayra and Yathrav. Other pics also show Radhika's friend and her kids. Meanwhile, a picture shows Radhika with all the kids swinging on a swing. While Ayra is sitting on her right side, Yathrav has grabbed a space on her left.

This picture of Radhika seems to be liked by many fans from Odisha. Showering heart emojis on the post, many admirers related the moment to Raja festival and commented on her post.

Here are the comments.

Radhika Pandit's Instagram PostRadhika Pandit's Instagram Post
Radhika Pandit's Instagram PostRadhika Pandit's Instagram Post
Radhika Pandit's Instagram PostRadhika Pandit's Instagram Post
Radhika Pandit's Instagram PostRadhika Pandit's Instagram Post

Well, it might be a coincidence and Radhika might be least aware of Raja festival and celebration in Odisha, but relating the coincidence with the festival, fans went gaga. 

Recently KGF actress Sriniddhi Shetty visited the state's Capital City, Bhubaneswar. During her visit, she expressed how she liked the place and also shared her plans to visit different places of the state during her next tour. Hopes among fans has certainly heightened speculating Rocking Star aka Rocky Bhai's visit to Odisha.

Raja Parba- Odisha's festival to celebrate womanhood 

As a mark of respect towards the Earth, people across the state celebrate to revere womanhood or female menstruation. The term Raja comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Rajas‘, which means menstruation, and when a woman menstruates, she is called ‘Rajaswala‘ or a menstruating woman.

The three days of the Raja festival are considered to be the menstruating period of Mother Earth subtly signifying a woman. All agricultural works come to a standstill during these days.

Girls and women across Odisha celebrate Raja by playing swings, and eating traditional Odisha pithas such as ‘Poda Pitha’, ‘Manda’, ‘Kakara’, ‘Arisha’, ‘Chakuli’, ‘Chandrakala’ and many more.