Rashmi Rekha Das

Ten days after the high-voltage row involving Prakruti Mishra, Babushaan Mohanty and Babushaan’s wife Trupti Satpathy, Prakruti left for Mumbai on Monday morning.

However, Prakruti has shared a post in her Instagram account before leaving for Mumbai and her post has become the talk of the town. 

Taking to Instagram, she wrote “See you in my second innings. Till then be kind, be a rockstar, face everything with a smile. No matter what happens don’t lose your sanity. Your reaction to any tough situation is always a reflection of your soul! Choose peace over anything. You need no justification to anyone when you know your intentions are pure! Universe has its own way of getting the truth out!! Always I will get my justice in the exact right time! I know.”

Following Prakuti’s departure, her father Manmath Mishra in tete-a-tete with OTV said, “Prakruti has assignments in Mumbai. She got disturbed for seven-eight days because of the controversy. But she is a free minded girl. She has become used to Bollywood lifestyle. She was in Odisha for some work assignment. Then she faced such a situation which was beyond her imagination. I guided her being a father during her tough time. Yesterday, she got a call from Mumbai regarding a project and was asked to come back to Mumbai to recommence shooting of the project. Now, she is established in Mumbai. She has carved a niche for herself in the industry. For last eight years, she has been residing in Mumbai.  Her mother Krushnapriya Mishra had accompanied her to Mumbai.

About her project, Manmath said, “Shooting of her film with Nana Patekar has been completed. Now post-production work of the movie is in full swing. The Nana-starrer movie will be released in October. It will have theatre release in all over India. Besides, she has signed two projects with Golden Movies.  She has shot some portion of the movies. Shooting was postponed due to corona outbreak. Yesterday she got a call from them to join the team.”

He further said, “In Mumbai, her nature of work is different. Prakruti gives audition every day. She got the main lead &TV’s show Bitti Business Wali by cracking audition. Though many actors from Odia tried their hands to get in, Prakruti bagged the roles successfully. Later, she appeared in Ace Of Space aired in MTV. She has literally made her name in the industry. I am happy that my daughter is back to her track. She has no issues in Mumbai.”

Regarding the dispute, Manmath said, “This dispute should be sorted out inside four walls. It should not have happened. It’s accidental. When Tiki Apa had visited my place, I always dealt with her respectfully. I must say Trupti could have called me before making such an incident happen. I have had words with Babushaan and I even had asked my daughter about it. But they had told me that there was nothing between them. I have a soft corner for Trupti. Trupti has suffered a lot. She could talk to me. I am not a controversial figure. I am ready to withdraw the case. But Trupti should also withdraw her complaint.”