Cassian Baliarsingh

The untimely demise of actress Poonam Pandey has sent shockwaves across the country. The ‘Nasha’ fame actress, who rose to fame after announcing that she would strip if India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, died of cervical cancer at 32.

She died late Thursday night, her team announced through a social media post on her official Instagram handle. The popular model was more known for her controversies than her work. Here are some of the major controversies the Lock Upp contestant was associated with.

2011 World Cup: It was during the 2011 Cricket World Cup when cricket fever gripped the entire country. This is when Poonam announced that she would strip if India lifted the final cup. Since then her popularity skyrocketed and she caught everyone’s attention.

Leaked bathroom video: The actress was known for her bold videos and pictures on social media. A video of her dancing while taking a shower was leaked online and went viral. Although Poonam claimed it was leaked, many suspected it to be done by her to gain popularity.

Marriage to Sam Bombay: Her controversial marriage to Sam Bombay was one of the most talked about thing in her life. However, the marriage did not last long as Poonam accused him of domestic violence during her honeymoon in Goa. She even lodged a complaint against Sam and accused him of physical assault, molestation, and threatening.

Arrest during lockdown: The actress was also arrested with her husband Sam for violating Covid-19 rules by Mumbai Police. When everyone was directed to stay indoors, Poonam was seen walking around with Sam, leading to their arrest. However, they were later released.

MyFans App: The controversial actress in 2017 launched her own app, the Pandey App. Reportedly, the model used to post her bold videos and pictures on this app. She also had her own MyFans app after Google Play Store removed her Pandey App.

Last Instagram post: While fans are still wrapping their heads around the news of Poonam’s death, her last Instagram post has now gone viral. In the post, Poonam talked about balance in life. Sharing a video of herself, Poonam wrot,e “White & Black: the yin and yang that balance my life.”

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