Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham-starrer Pathaan is all set for a grand release on January 25. However, just a day before its release, the movie again landed in controversy after the Pasmanda Muslim community raised objections over the film’s release and demanded a ban on the movie.

Fans are eagerly waiting to welcome SRK after a gap of 4 years on the silver screen. Since the makers dropped the first song of the movie, ‘Besharam Rang’ several outfits raised objections and demanded to ban the movie. Several right-wing leaders and organizations threatened the makers and the actors for the ‘excessive vulgarity’ showcased in the movie. 

Now, the Pasmanda community has demanded a ban on the film.

Faiyaz Ahmad Fyzie, an author and Pasmanda activist expressed his displeasure over the screen name of John Abraham, who is playing the antagonist. As claimed by the activist, the villain, a terrorist, is named after one of the senior activists of the movement. 

In Pathaan, the antagonist is named after 75-year-old Shabbir Ansari, who is a senior activist in the Pasmanda movement. Tweeting about the same, Faiyaz said, Ansari has been fighting for the upliftment of indic Pasmanda for more than 43 years. 

Through this movie, the makers have made a malicious attempt to tarnish the dignity of not only Ansari but the entire indic Pasmanda community (90% of the total Muslim population.), he claimed.

Further, Fyzie said, the Pasmanda movement strongly condemns the act. Further, he has requested the government to ban the movie. 
He went on to add that villain "who is from Afghanistan has been shown to be of Ansari (weaver/kori) caste whereas only Pathans are found there".

Notably, Pasmanda is a Persian word that means 'the ones left behind'. It is used to refer to the backward communities within the Muslim population.