Himansu Shekhar Rout

Odia cine actor Manoj Mishra came in the firing line of some film producers in Ollywood. They have reportedly decided to boycott the well-known actor in their upcoming films for two years. They alleged that the actor was behind the recent protest in Sambalpur against the Odia film Ram featuring Arindam Roy and Anubhav Mohanty.

Sources said that Manoj had a personal conflict with actor Jitu Mangaraj, who is also featured in the film Ram. Some supporters of Manoj had recently staged a demonstration against Ram in front of Sambalpur Cinema hall, shouting slogans to ban the film. Manoj is suspected to have engineered the demonstration due to his personal strife with Jitu.  
Following this development, film producers have put a ban on Manoj in their upcoming movies. 

Actor Arindam Roy, said, “Ram film is being boycotted in Sambalpur. A video titled ‘Boycott Jitu Mangaraj’ was made viral. It was stated in the video that Jitu Mangaraj had spoken against Manoj Mishra before the media. Protesting this, some people threatened the producers not to allow the release of their films featuring Jitu Manjaraj in cinema halls in Sambalpur or western Odisha as a whole.”  

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of a meeting of cine producers here, Sanjay Nayak, president of Utkal Cine Chambers of Commerce (UCCC), explained, “We discussed the issue at a meeting here and got enough evidence that Manoj Mishra is mainly responsible for the protest against Ram film in Sambalpur. Hence, all producers decided to not sign Manoj Mishra in our future projects for two years.” 

However, Manoj Mishra, reacting to the boycott said, “I am not actually aware of who have banned me from their movies. I have no information about the allegation against me. I only came to know about it from you (media). People now started asking me about the reported ban. I have no idea if two or three producers or all producers have banned me.”