Odishatv Bureau

Director Puri Jagannadh's 'Liger', featuring Vijay Deverakonda in the lead, is all set to hit the theatres on August 25. However, even before the release of the film, 'Boycott Liger Movie' has started trending on Twitter.

This is the 4th Bollywood movie in a row after Lal Singh Chhadha, Raksha Bandhan and the yet-to-be-released Pathaan, which the netizens have given a call to boycott a movie citing various reasons.

So, why did the hashtag ‘boycott Liger movie’ start trending on Twitter today?

Took blessing from Salman Khan: 

A section of fans, who believe Vijay is a self-made star, didn't like him taking the blessings of Salman Khan for the success of the movie. "I support #BoycottLigerMovie yes let me reiterate that I support Boycott of #Liger movie because Vijay met & took blessings from Salman Khan. There was a time when South movies used to create impact without Bollywood. Also, because I support #BoycottBollywood forever & everywhere," wrote a Twitter user.

Ananya Panday is part of the movie:

"I support #BoycottLigerMovie yes let me reiterate that I support Boycott of #Liger movie because nepo kid like Ananya Pandey is acting in it. Also, because I support #BoycottBollywood forever, everywhere and in all manner," wrote a Twitterati.

Accused of playing family chord:

"Vijay Deverkonda blackmails Indians for families of film making crew. Indians have taken contract to look after these families. Vijay Jee, you must convince Bollywood why they make jokes of Hindu Deities while 80% population is Hindu in India," another user wrote.

Accused of being arrogant:

"Yes, off late #VijayDeverakonda has been very very arrogant in most of his interviews. He’s forgotten the power of the common man. #BoycottLigerMovie," wrote a Twitterati.

'No' respects during puja at home:

"LIGER Hero Devarakonda at his home. Sitting on sofa, see pooja things on teapoy Today & all 3 archakas are standing and LIGER with a girl sitting shamelessly. We r much more shameless if we watch his movies #BoycottLigerMovie," another user added.

Recently, the film got an emoji on the Twitter following which Vijay took to Twitter to make the announcement and wrote, "Liger emoji is yours." He also introduced three hashtags, #Liger, #WaatLagaDenge and #LigerHuntBegins.