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News Highlights

  • Nora Fatehi comes across as a very bold and strong personality.
  • But she too faced a scary experience during her struggling days.

Nora Fatehi is renowned as the queen of dancing in Bollywood. But over the years she has been trying to create a name for herself as an actress. Kunal Khemu-helmed Madgaon Express gave her that opportunity. The Saki Saki girl has done a good job alongside seasoned actors like Pratik Gandhi and Divyenndu.

Recently Nora Fatehi discussed some important aspects of her life on a podcast and also opened up about the much controversially discussed topic of the casting couch in Bollywood.

Nora Fatehi believes that the casting couch is a racket run by predators

Nora Fatehi who comes across as a very bold and strong personality has gone through a lot of struggle similar to what every outsider in Bollywood has to face.

When asked if she faced casting couch experience, Nora said, “Luckily I had not gone through that situation. But I know why because I had this conversation with my friend the other day and she said do you ever think why it has never happened to you. And I’m like ya I do think that it could have almost happened but my personality is a little intimidating.”

She added, “So they kind of bit get like arere iske saath nahi. Because she can talk. These kinds of people whether they are stars or not at the end of the day inherently are predators. It could be a star, it could be a non-star, and it could be anybody. But what I am going to say is when they try to bring you into work and try to make you submissive they are inherently predators.”

She also explained how their brains work. According to Nora Fatehi these people who are engaged in casting couch sniff victims, scan them and know your personality and know which one can be used and which one cannot be used. Nora believes that these predators only approach those who are desperate and meek because they do not want to get into trouble approaching someone who is bold and can go against them.

Nora did face a scary experience

At the start of her career when the fabulous Canadian dancer came into Bollywood around 2012-13 she experienced something scary that made her feel cornered and lonely. It was a sort of situation when she was told that if you want this then you have to do this and that is when she panicked and felt alone.

Recalling that particular experience Nora Fatehi said, “I do remember a particular switch in my brain came and I was like hey listen you think I want this that bad but I don’t. I’m here, if it happens, great. If does not happen I go back to Canada. I do not come from some village. I go back to Canada and go back to university and study law or teaching and become a lawyer or a teacher.”