Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Gaurav Khanna is reportedly making an entry in Anupamaa as Anuj Kapadia.
  • Gaurav is expected to be the support and friend that Anu now needs in a crisis.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for a new male actor to enter Anupamaa ever since the production house confirmed that there will be a new entry in this serial soon. Several top names from the television world including that of Ram Kapoor, Varun Badola, Ronit, and Rohit Roy were speculated to make an entry as support to Anu. But these speculations were soon ruled out by the producer of Anupamaa- Rajan Shahi.

However, Shahi did confirm that a new interesting character will soon join the current number one show on Indian television. Now, according to the Times of India, handsome hunk, Gaurav Khanna will enter this serial as Anuj Kapadia. He will portray the character of Anu’s college friend. Reportedly, Gaurav has been preparing for the role of Anuj for the last few weeks and is working very closely with the team from the production house.

He is reportedly discussing and preparing for his look on Anupamaa. Gaurav Khanna is expected to start shooting for the serial in the coming few days and will start appearing on the show in the next couple of weeks. After Rajan Shahi ruled out approaching big television names for the new character, many believed that Apoorva Agnihotri will make a comeback as Dr. Advait.

But now it seems the production house had already zeroed on Gaurav Khanna for the role of Anuj Kapadia. The actor is a well-known face among the Indian telly audience and has done various shows like Laal Ishq, Chandragupta Maurya, Chandra Nandini but is known more for his role as Abeer Bajpayee in Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam opposite Yami Gautam.

At the end of Anupamaa’s episode yesterday, the makers hinted at the entry of a new male character in the serial in the preview triggering excitement among the fans. The entry of Apurva Agnihotri as Dr. Advait and a supporter of Anu has added a new dimension to the storyline. So, it is expected that Gaurav as Anuj Kapadia will be the supporter that Anu is currently looking for in the moment of crisis.