Cassian Baliarsingh

Jawan actress Nayanthara has been hitting the headlines after she reportedly unfollowed her husband-director Vignesh Shivan on the photo-sharing app Instagram. There have been reports of an alleged crack in her marriage with Shivan.

Apart from unfollowing him, Nayanthara also shared a cryptic post that read, “She’s gonna forever say ‘I got this’ even with tears in her eyes.” The cryptic post further added to the speculations of something wrong in her paradise.

However, Vignesh took to his Instagram stories and shared a picture of Nayanthara to seemingly end the rumours of rift in their marriage. The ‘Netrikann’ director shared a post featuring his wife Nayanthara which revealed that her beauty brand, 9 Skin, would be the title sponsor of an upcoming Award show.

The post featured a photo of Nayanthara posing with flowers along with details about the Awards show. Shivan, who has been with Nayanthara for over 10 years, cheered for her through his caption on the social media post. 

To top it off, Nayanthara appeared to have followed him back again on Instagram. This came hours after fans noticed the ‘Jawan’ actress had ‘unfollowed’ Vignesh. Well, it was still unclear if the actress had unfollowed Vignesh over some fight or had done it by mistake.