Poonam Singh

Actress Mrunal Thakur is riding high on the success of ‘The Family Star,’ where she starred opposite Vijay Deverakonda. In a recent interview, she delved into the emotional connection she forms with her reel characters, likening the heartbreak of parting with them to that of romantic heartbreaks.

Mrunal has carved a niche for herself in both Bollywood and South Indian cinema, thanks to her exceptional acting skills and down-to-earth persona. She confessed to becoming deeply attached to her characters, often experiencing a sense of loss when a project concludes.

"What is difficult is when a movie ends, and when you come back home, it feels like heartbreak. It’s like, I love those characters, and I’ll never get to be them. This heartbreak is actually crazier than an actual romantic heartbreak," Mrunal told Pinkvilla.

For Mrunal, the biggest challenge as an actor lies in transitioning back to reality after filming wraps up, grappling with the absence of her on-screen personas. She emphasized the importance of being in sync with the character to truly bring its magic to life.

In her conversation with Pinkvilla, Mrunal singled out Sita Mahalaxmi from the romance mystery film "Sita Ramam" as her favorite character. Expressing her desire to embody Sita Mahalaxmi, she revealed the difficulty she faces in letting go of her characters once filming concludes. Despite the struggle, she acknowledged it as an integral part of her journey as an actor.

On the work front, Mrunal Thakur is set to grace the screen in Navjot Gulati’s ‘Pooja Meri Jaan,’ where she stars alongside Huma Qureshi and Vijay Raaz.