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It’s Milind Soman’s 56th birthday today and he is one of the fittest personalities one can spot on social media. With his everyday wellness and fitness Instagram posts, the fitness guru keeps motivating people to follow a disciplined, healthy lifestyle and focus on their health. Milind has always favoured mindful fitness over physical fitness. He challenges laziness and exercises regularly every day for a few minutes. 

The CEO of fitness has been a part of #fightlazylifelong and can be seen participating in various athletic and sporty events. In short, he keeps fit out of the gym, not inside it. Be it marathons, bicycle races, or runs for unity, he has truly been unstoppable and limitless.

Here are some minimal ways to be fit without hitting a gym, in typical fashion and fitness role model Milind Soman style.

Milind has never followed a strict diet or any particular gym regime. He eats whatever is fresh and available, but in moderate amounts beginning the day with 500 ml of lukewarm water, followed by nuts and fresh fruits for breakfast. He prefers to eat fruits whole and raw while enjoying vegetable juices like carrots, celery, spinach, beetroot, and cucumber, and loves quinoa chicken biryani. A believer in Ayurveda, he never eats until the stomach is full, but stops just a little short as it makes digestion better.

The fitness enthusiast strongly believes in yoga, which keeps the body naturally fit without any gym exercises or added supplements. Milind swears by Surya Namaskar, as it consists of 12 salutations and is enough for overall well-being. From muscles to cardiovascular health, it also makes the skin shine and radiant. Also, he promotes a mindful, healthy lifestyle and advocates riding a bicycle to places in the vicinity and using stairs rather than elevators.

He believes in regularity, patience, and balance. Instead of donning luxurious sportswear brands and going to the gym, he invests only 15-20 minutes, doing 4-5 exercises in the lap of nature daily. These include a 5-minute plank; 1 round of 50 pushups; 1 set on the pull-up bar; 1 set on the parallel bar; and 2 minutes swinging a ‘mugdal’ or tossing a kettlebell, and sometimes swimming or any other exercise that calms the mind and includes overall body movement. This strengthens the mind and helps balance mental health.

Without a doubt, Milind Soman is a man of unmatchable calibre, personality, fitness, and health!