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News Highlights

  • KGF star Yash’s wife Radhika Pandit made a heartfelt promise to her followers on Instagram recently.
  • The Sandalwood actress promised to share positive things on her social media account.

From common man to celebrities, no one remained unaffected by the mayhem the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic caused across India. And this is quite evident from the recent post of Radhika Pandit, the wife of KGF star Yash. The actress shared an elaborate note on her Instagram account giving an insight into her feelings.

Radhika penned, “These are rough times. I am sure all of us have witnessed the pain, suffering, lost close ones. I know we are scared, mentally frustrated, clueless about what's next. But, please tell yourself every day, that, no matter how bad, we will hope, we will believe, we will fight, we will stand, we shall overcome this.. together. #radhikapandit #nimmaRP.”

The Sandalwood star has been away from social media for some time. But through this post she made a heartfelt promise of sharing positive things. She wrote, “P.S : to all my dear well wishers n fans, sorry haven't been in touch, will post happy positive things in a hope to make u smile. Love u guys!”

The post is accompanied by a beautiful picture of the actress with her two kids with back to the camera and facing the sea. The surging waves and ash-colored clouds add more interest to the entire picture and the post.

Earlier, the KGF Chapter 2 star Yash revealed his soft side by donating Rs 5000 to each of the 3000 member fraternity of the Kannada film industry. In his message shared both in English and Kannada on Instagram Yash wrote, “Covid 19 has proved to be an invisible enemy that has dismantled the livelihoods of innumerable people across our country. Our own Kannada Film fraternity has been badly affected as well. In light of the grave times we live in, To each of the 3000 odd members which includes all the 21 departments of our film fraternity I will be donating from my earnings, a sum of Rs 5000 to their personal accounts.”

He further added, “While I am very well aware that this may not serve as a solution to the loss and the pains caused by the situation we are in, it’s a ray of hope, since it’s HOPE that is certainty of faith, faith of better times.”