Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

KGF Chapter 2 recently clocked one year of its theatrical release. And now, KGF, Yash and Prashanth Neel are again hitting the headlines due to the buzz around KGF Chapter 3 . As per the hints dropped by the makers, KGF 3 will likely focus on Rocky’s whereabouts from 1978 to 1981.

Moreover, Hombale Films will take on a thrilling journey with the ‘mother of all collision’. Even it seems, Rocky didn’t keep his promise made to his mother and it will be kept in the third instalment.

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Meanwhile, several theories have surfaced on social media with fans sharing their ideas and expectations from KGF 3. The most interesting one that has popped up is the reverse theory. 

The Reverse Theory

In the post-climax sequence of KGF 2, it is revealed that American CSI agents are in search of Rocky and it has been revealed that between 1978 and 1981, he had committed different crimes in across 16 countries.  

As Vijayendra Ingalagi (Prakash Raj) narrates the story and reveals the climax in KGF Chapter 2, everyone is taken aback by surprise. However, in the video shared by Hombale Films, ‘Revisiting Rocky’s Empire’, the peon present in the room gets distressed and says to Ingalgi, “Sir! What you’re saying is wrong! Please read what’s written in the book.”

Following that, the entire climax goes in reverse mode. After a glimpse of KGF Chapter 3, Ingalgi’s expression seems to be fishy. Hawk-eyed movie buffs have picked this as a hint and speculate that the climax was a cover up story and not the actual events documented by Anand Ingalgi. 

Well, if there is any truth behind the reverse theory, certainly, KGF Chapter 3 will bring on a major and unexpected twist. 

The credible story plot

Earlier, it was speculated that Rocky will rise from the waters. Furthermore, following the announcement of Salaar, fans believed that Neel will create his own cinematic universe. Reports were abuzz that the helmer wishes to establish a link between KGF and Salaar.

Considering the reports, it was expected that Prabhas will have a cameo in KGF Chapter 3 and Rocky will also be seen in Salaar. 

Currently, there are strong reports that Yash joined Prabhas and Neel for shooting the climax of Salaar. And, if the reports are anything to go by, Prabhas might have a cameo in KGF 3, and it will get established during Rocky’s journey from 1978 and 1981. 

Moreover, considering the reverse theory, it can also be expected that if KGF 2’s climax is not the actual event and it is not the end of Rocky’s reign, he remains alive. Under such circumstances, Rocky’s quest to become the most powerful man on the globe will continue further. 

Tentative release plans and more

All eyes are on September 28 for Salaar’s release. Neel also has a project with Jr NTR. Though reports claimed, Neel will go on floors with Jr NTR during April or May 2023, there is no related buzz regarding the same.

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Rumours were abuzz that #NTR31 might also get included in Neel’s Cinematic Universe. So, after wrapping Jr NTR’s #NTR31, Neel may start working on KGF 3. 

KGF and sequels

A few days earlier, reports surfaced that KGF may have five sequels. Hombale Films reportedly wants to develop KGF into a Bond-style series. Producer Vijay Kiragandur reportedly revealed that they want to make five KGF chapters, but with different actors. Even it is suspected that Yash might not be a part of KGF Chapter 3. However, there is no official confirmation backing the above claims. 

If everything falls in place, Neel may begin work on KGF 3 in 2025 with a target release of 2026.