Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

KGF Chapter 2's craze continues to sprawl globally even as it stepped into its second week of release. It's not only about the grown up movie lovers being included in the fandom, but Rocky Bhai has also created his fan base among kids. 

On Thursday, a video in which a kid is seen covering his face with a pillow went viral on social media. The kid appears to be extremely sad in the video. 

The caption for the video read, "Kid wants to meet Rocky bhai, he has been saying this since the time we watched kgf..he has been so sad and would want to see you once."



Meanwhile, the person, who is capturing the cute gestures of the kid, asked, "Why are you so sad, what do you want?" The young boy said, "I want Rocky Bhai."

Further, when the person said, they won't be able to meet him right now, the boy said, "Not now, some other time."

The cute interaction and gestures of the kid will fill everyone's heart with love and warmth.

Later, Rocky Bhai Aka Rocking Star Yash responded to the video in a cute way. Yash wrote, "Chin up Sonny boy, your Rocky Bhai is watching. Cheer up.. Sadness, I don't like..  ."



With the KGF franchise, Kannada actor Yash, who portrayed the character of Rocky Bhai in the movies, went on to become a household name and garner love and appreciation from a wide range of audiences.

Prashanth Neel's KGF 2 has broken several previous records of the Indian film industry. The much-awaited sequel of 2018's KGF Chapter 1 has minted over Rs 700 crore in the first week of its release. 

On Thursday, Yash shared a video expressing his gratitude towards the audience for their faith and love for him as well as his movies. He thanked one and all for making the earth-shattering record possible.