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The long wait of over three years finally ended today, and the wait was worth it. KGF Chapter 2 hit the worldwide theatres today and the blaze continues to spread across the fandom.

The sequel to KGF, starring Rocking Star Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon opened with a bang in over 10,000 screens across the globe. Fans had high expectations from director Prashanth Neel and he proved to be an amazing story teller once again.

KGF Chapter 2: The Story of Rise & Fall

As expected, KGF Chapter 2 presented the story of Rocky Bhai's rise. Rocky, after slaying Garuda, took over Narachi and the hell started prospering under his reign. With the death of Garuda, the bonded labourers in Narachi regained confidence and strength. Everyone, including the kids in the hell, looked upon Rocky as their ‘Messiah’. 

Moviegoers were left in splits after learning that Rocky killed Virat before building his new empire. While Rocky invited the pillars of KGF to decide on running the trade as earlier, Kamal was shot instantly. Even, Rocky picked up Reena forcefully to put her in captivity. The discovery of Vanaram being alive gave another jolt.

Rocky stood tall while every labourer in Narachi and Vanaram's army stood along with him, ready to sacrifice their lives. Rocky had promised his mother to become the world's richest and powerful man, but could he? The climax of the movie has the big revelation.

Rocky Vs Others

While every other person, including Rajendra Desai, Andrews, Shetty and Daya were planning to bring down the reign of Rocky, Guru Pandian played a double standard game with his business partners as well as Rocky. Even Inayat Khalil was called upon to take down Rocky. Adheera also entered the arena with the sole intentions of taking away KGF from the intruder. 

Andrews tricked Reena to step out of Narachi after killing her father to entice Rocky step out of his empire. However, Adheera's henchmen caught hold of Reena in the midway. While Rocky all alone fought the henchmen, Adheera’s surprising move to scare everyone left Rocky bleeding. However, just when one might start thinking that Rocky might have fled away with cash and gold, he launched an attack on Adheera, streaming fear in his heart. What and how Rocky managed to launch such an attack is something interesting and unexpected to watch.

Meanwhile, Ramika Sen, being the prime minister, blew the bugle of war against the 'Biggest criminal and biggest businessman of India.' For her, Rocky was a threat to the law and order and she aimed at bringing down Rocky to ashes.

The face-off between Adheera and Rocky was a visual treat for all. However, the last fight sequence after Adheera launched a sudden attack on Reena was all about bloodshed. 

Prashanth Neel has justified every second of the movie with an integrated screenplay. Fans were able to learn about Rocky's mother Shanti and his father as well. Rocky also avenged his mother's death but in a unique style.

Hiding The Truth

'Shakti Shila', which was mentioned in El Dorado, was unearthed and it was Rocky's idol engraved in it. However, the survivors didn't allow to uncover the truth and again engraved it. It was Ramika who ordered that no one should ever talk about Rocky or existence of anything related to him. 

While Ramika brought down the entire KGF empire to ashes, Rocky also buried the truth in the Indian ocean. Viewers need to watch the movie to explore the hidden truth. 

Rocky-The 'Babbar Sher'

Yash's Rocky Bhai look was compared to "Babbar Sher", Lion,  who is known to be the most powerful and horrifying animal with a notable attitude. The comparison was made with Babbar Sher as Rocky's long hair and beard looks similar to a lion's mane with bushy hair around their face and neck.

There are several famous quotes related to the king of Jungle Lion. The wild animal attacks alone and not in group. Another famous saying related to lion is that it takes a few steps back before launching an attack. Be it Rocky's entry or taking down his enemies throughout the movie, Rocky is seen alone. He fearlessly takes down all his enemies. He didn't even spare his last but not the least enemy, Guru Pandian, who was the ring master of the entire game to take down Rocky. 

Bloodshed Rocky entered the Parliament and shot Guru Pandian fearlessly. Ahead of that, he went to visit Ramika at her office without any hesitation and asked her to release an arrest warrant and shut down KGF. Fearless Rocky slayed his enemies like a Sulthan and also ended everything like a Sulthan.

Music Scores

All the songs in KGF 2 were widely appreciated. Be it Sulthan, Toofan or Falak Tu Garaj Tu, the lyrical videos went on to become the most-watched videos within a limited time. However, all eyes were on Mehebooba about which fans had not got any hint before the movie’s release. 

Earlier it was speculated that Mehbooba was an item number in which Nora Fatehi or Jacqueline Fernandez will be seen shaking a leg with Rocky Bhai. However, it was a romantic number played after an important scene in the movie.

Ravi Basrur has filled the hearts of movie lovers with his music. 

What Trade Experts Say?

The magnum opus is on its way to set new global records. The movie has received high ratings from all quarters and trade analysts have opined that this is not a Kannada film or an Indian cinema, it is an ‘international cinema’. 

Few words can't describe the movie as the movie is practically convincing while the story is unpredictable. To explore more about Rocky and witness his rise and fall, in the true sense, viewers need to watch the blockbuster only in theatres.

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