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  • Katrina Kaif's public appearances seems to have lessened after her marriage to Vicky Kaushal.
  • The actress is trying to keep a low profile and there is a special reason behind it.

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal married more than a year ago after having a hush-hush affair for a couple of years. While the two married in a private ceremony in Rajasthan, the media expected the celebrity couple to be more open and outgoing after their marriage.

There were expectations that Katrina and Vicky will be spotted together as a couple more often after they have tied the knot. However, the opposite seems to have come true.

Katrina Kaif’s public appearances have lessened for more than a year now much to the surprise of 'Vickat' fans and the paps.

There have been all sorts of speculations including that Vicky does not want Katrina Kaif to be friendly and open and so on. Speculations about the two starting a family have also been going around for some time.

But none of this is true. There is a strong buzz that Katrina is staying away from public appearances to ensure that she is not overexposed to the media and a curiosity and mystery about her and her character in Tiger 3 is created in the minds of her fans.

As Zoya of the Tiger franchise, Kats has worked very hard for the high-octane action sequences that she has performed in Tiger 3 along with Salman Khan.

By staying away from high-profile media attention the Bollywood superstar wants to keep her fans anxious and guessing about her look and performance in the upcoming installment of the Tiger franchise.

Katrina has already completed most of her work for the movie and will be joining the last schedule for this project which is expected to include Shah Rukh Khan as well.

Apart from Tiger 3, Katrina Kaif will be next seen in Merry Christmas alongside Southern star Vijay Sethupathi. The movie is expected to release in December 2023.