Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Katha and Viaan's story is now expected to take a new turn in Katha Ankahee
  • It will be interesting to see how Viaan reacts after knowing about Katha's truth.

Katha Ankahee started airing on Sony Television last month, and ever since then it has attracted a lot of attention. The serial created a lot of hype simply because it is based on the hit Turkish drama Binbir Gece and the English serial 1001 Nights- both of which were initially inspired by Arabian Nights.

The story revolves around Katha and Viaan. Katha is a budding architect working at a reputed firm with a young son fighting leukemia. Being a single parent it is up to her to arrange Rs 1 crore plus so that her son Aarav could get a bone marrow transplant and live a full life.

To arrange the required amount of money, Katha does multiple jobs and even begs her father-in-law who is upset with her and her dead husband Aditya for marrying without his permission.

Finally, she requests her boss Viaan to lend her Rs 1 crore. Viaan agrees to give the said amount to Katha but on the condition that she will have to spend one night with him.

Over the years, Viaan had many bitter experiences with women; hence, he has trust issues with girls working in the corporate world. He believes that Katha is different and expects that despite his offer she will not turn up at the hotel to spend a night with him.

But Katha has no option and she completes the one-night deal with Viaan. As the story is now unfolding Viaan comes to know about the reason why Katha needed that money and his heart starts softening towards her.

However, Katha is not in the mood to forgive him. And this is slowly creating a tense chemistry between the two as both of them have to complete an assignment on a tight deadline.

From Viaan’s partner admitting that he has started liking Katha to Viaan himself falling in love with her, things are going to be quite interesting as the story of Katha Ankahee now moves forward.

TRP-wise, Katha Ankahee is getting tough competition as Zee TV’s Bhagya Lakshmi and Star TV’s topmost serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein share the same slot of 8.30 pm.