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  • Vijay Varma, who is an alumni of FTII has now taken a dig at Gajendra Chauhan.
  • The Darlings actor has taken a jibe at Chauhan for reacting to Payal Kapadia's win at Cannes.

Payal Kapadia and her feud with FTII’s former chairman Gajendra Chauhan became a hot topic of discussion after the actress won the prestigious Grand Prix award at the recently held Cannes International Film Festival. As reported by various media houses, Payal led a group of more than a hundred students against the FTII management when Gajendra Chauhan was appointed the chairman of FTII.

Following the protests, a few students were jailed and a few others were named in the charge sheet, Payal Kapadia being one of them.

The entire FTII management had turned against her and even her scholarship was cut off. So it is obvious that Gajendra Chauhan’s tenure in FTII was a bad experience for Payal Kapadia. But when the actress won the award at Cannes 2024, Chauhan gave a statement to PTI that read, “Congratulations to her and I feel proud that I was the chairman at the time when she was doing the course there.”

Vijay Varma postVijay Varma post

Vijay Varma, who is an alumni of FTII has now taken a dig at Gajendra Chauhan sharing the PTI statement of the Mahabharata actor on his Instagram page. In his post, the Darlings actor shared a meme that says, “Karwali bezzati?” and has added, “Sir ye chup rehne ka time tha” along with a giggle emoticon.

On the other hand, Gajendra Chauhan has always mentioned that the fight between Payal Kapadia and the students was not against him. In his statement to PTI, Chauhan said, “That protest was not against me, it was against the director and the administration. I would just like to say, we are all very proud of her. I’d like to congratulate her on her achievement. There is a vast difference between being talented and being disciplined. Talent is all very fine but being disciplined is also very important.”

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