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Today Kapil Sharma is a brand and a household name loved all over the world for his comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show. But, there was a time when no one knew about Kapil. He was just another struggler in the B-Town with his fair share of struggles in the showbiz.

While many know that Kapil Sharma was part of action star Sunny Deol’s Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, one interesting aspect of his story is that the scene he featured in never made to the final cut.

Now, a new report has emerged where action director Tinu Verma recalled how he slapped Kapil and threw him out of the set. 
In a recent chat with veteran actor Mukesh Khanna, Gadar’s action director Tinu Verma recalled how he was very annoyed with Kapil on that particular day and removed him from the set.

As per the scene, a huge crowd was instructed to run towards the train. As soon as the director shouted action, the crowd started running towards the train. But, there was a boy who was running in the opposite direction, and he was none other than Kapil himself. 
Tinu called the boy and asked him to follow the instructions.

“Teri vajah se one more hua hai shot (We are doing one more take because of you),” Tinu recalled.

However, Kapil once again ran in the opposite direction. This infuriated Tinu so much that he slapped Kapil and threw him out off the set. 

“Maine camera chooda aur main uss bande ke pass bhaaga. Aur jaise hi pakda, phaad, ek kaan ke neeche diye aur maine bola isko bahar nikaalo. (I put the camera down and ran towards him. The moment I caught him, I slapped him. Threw him out off the set).