Poonam Singh

The Kannada film industry has long been celebrated for its exceptional contributions, producing engaging content that resonates not only at a regional level but also captivates audiences across India. Among the industry's standout successes is "Kantara," a film directed by Rishab Shetty, who also played the male lead. Despite its modest budget, the film garnered immense acclaim for its unique storyline, leaving an indelible mark on cinema lovers.

The anticipation for the second installment, a prequel titled "Kantara A Legend: Chapter 1," has been steadily building. The film promises to delve into the depths of local culture, offering a compelling narrative. Recently, the makers unveiled the first look teaser, generating heightened excitement among fans.

In an interview with News 18, producer Vijay Kiragandur shed light on the prequel's poster and shared insights into the project's developments. The poster features Rishabh Shetty in a fierce avatar, wielding an axe and a trident.

Vijay explained, “There is a story in the coastal areas of Karnataka that Parshuram has created, and the role of Shiva is also very important in this story. The poster has been made in the symbolic form of Shiva and Parshuram.”

The meticulous preparation for the film is evident, with the first-look poster alone taking 10 days to craft. Vijay outlined the production timeline, indicating that shooting will occur for 10–15 days every month, spanning 6–8 months. Subsequently, the post-production phase will extend over 3–4 months. The majority of the shooting is set to take place in the dense forests of Sri Lanka, enhancing the film's visual appeal.

Vijay emphasised that the prequel will be on a grander scale compared to its predecessor, featuring more palaces and structures that harken back to ancient times.