Poonam Singh

Kangana Ranaut addressed persistent inquiries about her potential entry into politics. In a recent interview, the actress was asked if she had any thoughts of becoming the Prime Minister of the country

Humorously dismissing the idea, Kangana expressed uncertainty about public support for her political ambition after watching her upcoming film ‘Emergency,’ where she portrays former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

The actress, who also directs ‘Emergency,’ clarified that the film is a political drama and not a biopic of Indira Gandhi.

At the trailer launch event for her next project, ‘Razakar: Silent Genocide Of Hyderabad,’ Kangana, alongside co-stars like Shreyas Talpade and Anupam Kher, humorously downplayed the idea of pursuing political leadership.

“I just did a film called Emergency. After watching that movie, nobody will want me as the Prime Minister,” Kangana said at the trailer launch.

This stance contrasts with Kangana's earlier comment, where she deemed expressing a desire for a political career as a "vulgar thought" for her. 

In an interview with ABP the Queen actress said “If you say, ‘I want to be a politician’, it’s a vulgar thought. You shouldn’t be the one to say it yourself, the public should say this. Those who are in a position of power, those who control these things, they should say this. What I feel about this is irrelevant. It is up to the public to decide and those who hold the power to give me the opportunity. I will leave this decision to them.” 

Despite her reservations, Kangana acknowledged a willingness to embrace a political role if it meant serving her country selflessly.

Kangana further stated, “Art is a pure profession. Artists are blessed by Goddess Saraswati. And we all know how unforgiving the world of politics has always been. It is not my natural inclination to be a part of that world, I am a soft artist at heart. I would always like to be associated with the arts. But if given the opportunity to serve my country and be selfless, I will definitely take it up. If my country needs me, I’m there.”